Drum solo!


Cat herding.



hey look it’s Caturday and stuff

This part was awesome *-*

Cool News! (who’s excited? lol)

Hello guys, how are you doing?

First things first, I’d like to thank all of you who started following me, lately. It’s really cool and I found a lot of interesting people since then :)

So, here comes the freaking news for ya (excitement exceeds EIGHT THOUSAND!)

  • New Theme! I’m not THAT good on web designing, but I did my best (you’re gonna love those Pikachus there). Check it out.
  • You can submit posts now. I’ve never set this option and a couple of days ago while I was going home, I started wondering deeply: WHY NOT?
    Here we go, then xD
  • I changed my domain’s name (I actually bought a new one). Now it is "". But you can still access via "", anyway.
  • You could ask me anything. It’d be awesome, really.
  • That’s all =D

New Theme is not 100% yet, I’m gonna change some icons and stuff, but for now it seems good to me.

That’s it, let us celebrate!

OK, no more gifs hahaha

Chrono Trigger - PSX Opening

Chrono Cross - PSX Opening